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Drug Testing News

Experts shocked by Naughty Boy

By KAREN COLLIER, consumer reporter

AN energy drink linked to the drug opium is selling in Melbourne clubs and pubs.

Horrified health experts have demanded the Naughty Boy product be banned, saying it glorifies the use of illegal drugs.
The drink, made in Victoria, contains crushed poppy seeds and is labelled "energy with opium".

Alarmed Health Minister Bronwyn Pike yesterday condemned the marketing ploy and pledged to get the drink stripped from sale.

"Our objective is to get it removed," Ms Pike said.

"This is breathtaking irresponsibility at the highest level.

"We have a huge agenda to prevent the use of illegal drugs and that is supported by anyone in Australia with a conscience."

Department of Human Services officers will test whether the drink contains illegal levels of the drug after a referral from the nation's food watchdog. Poppy seeds can legally be added to food and drinks.

But opium, a narcotic also derived from poppy plants, is not allowed.

Ms Pike stressed that the product label was unsuitable regardless of whether it actually had opium in it or not.

The controversial energy drink came to light yesterday after the company claimed it had used a legal loophole to blend opium with herbs and caffeine.

Naughty Boy Pty Ltd director and former Mr Australia body builder Richard Hargreaves issued a press release saying the drink stimulated the mind and relaxed the body and could return a positive drug test for opium.

An ingredients list on the 250ml can says it contains 6.25 per cent "opium poppy seed extract".

Naughty Boy director and naturopath Matthew Shea said the drink was legally made with refined poppy seeds, which could contain tiny trace elements of opium.

"A few people have reported feeling really uplifted and that their sex life was improved," Mr Shea said.