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Drug Testing News

Our Reply: I guess the moral is this. Our solutions do work.

In your letter you state the following:
Despite the humor of such products, many Web sites profess sincerity. The folks at passyourdrugtest.com describe themselves as "freedom fighters" who believe in "people's rights to privacy" and that alternative lifestyles have "little or nothing to do with contributions you can make to work and society." To test their products - which include the $169.99 Complete hair- cleansing shampoo that claims to get rid of toxins in hair shafts - the company says it flies staff members to Amsterdam every five months to visit the smoke shops, known as coffee shops, and get hard-core users to volunteer to test the products. The products absolutely work, they assure customers. But unlike other Web sites, passyourdrugtest.com won't give refunds. If you fail your test, the site says, you obviously weren't following the instructions and it's your own fault. The company did not reply to an e-mail query. 

We are curious as to where you got the information from our website that says PassYourDrugTest.com does not offer refunds?
This is a completely false statement. We honor all of our customers fail requests with a full money back guarantee depending on the solution.
Obviously there needs to be proof of failure or everyone would just say they failed and collect free money.
We have the highest rate of success in the industry, so refunds happen very seldom.
The author is obviously biased against the idea of our solutions working.
Why would we be in business? Do you really think we want to hurt peoples chances in moving on with their lives?
Don't you think we would be out of business by now if we had to refund each person their money each time?
Lets think about this from another view, not the author's.
What would happen if the labs said, yes the products that these companies sell to cleanse their systems, Do Work!
What a blow it would have to the labs future finances. Companies would realize that these labs weren't going to give them the results they want.
They would then possibly scrap the whole testing process altogether and the lab would have 1 less major customer.
Obviously our solutions do work or the labs would not be buying the high times magazine to keep up with the competition.

There would be no need, right?
Ever hear of the 4th amendment? "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Immediately when you try to get a job, your 4th amendment is being violated by Corporate Law. They have their own set of rules. Unfortunately they have come to believe that their lab of choice is perfect. That they do not make mistakes. Guess what, nothing in life is 100%. Not even the labs major corporations, governments, probation departments, and families seem to be choosing all too regularly as of late for their drug testing. They make mistakes, called false positives, and ruin families lives each day. The lab can not admit to the mistake and rarely allows a retest. If you drink too much water before you go in, they classify you as diluted which many employers automatically look at as a positive test result and take immediate actions of dismissal or they throw your resume in the garbage. It costs too much to retest you so why bother? And why does it cost so much? We offer self test kits that do the same thing as the labs for only $13. Companies pay at least $35-120 per employee. Brings me back to the recent rip-off a major company performed on the state of California. They completely over inflated the bills ripping off many tax payers. Luckily the info got leaked and this company has to pay the millions of dollars back. Look into it if you need the facts.
I guess the moral is this. Our solutions do work. We do offer a full to 100% money back refund if the person does not pass for some crazy reason. Also everyone should wake up and realize that these labs are just corporations and have real people working for them. They make mistakes and they do not admit to it, ruining many peoples lives everyday. The labs can pretend to laugh as you stated in your article but if you really listened closely to their laughter, you would realize that it is a nervous laugh. This is no laughing matter. They know our solutions work and the only way to keep their business and the name they have tried to create is to slam our solutions, claiming they do not work. We believe drug testing is an unreasonable search, and that it forces people to incriminate themselves. Someone needs to end this madness. A great start would be for every company to stop performing tests. We will gladly go out of business for this reason.

Until then, know PassYourDrugTest.com will continue to help anyone who asks and will stand behind our words 100%, anytime.