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Drug Testing News

Major Drug Bust Nets 3 Tons Of Marijuana

Fri Sep 26 2003

A huge marijuana bust in San Diego may signal a powerful cartel is moving into new territory, 10News reported.

Agents said the drug bust recovered a street value up to $45 million in marijuana.

According to 10News, one of Mexico's most significant and violent cartel leaders is involved. Ismael Zambabd Garcia, (pictured, left), better known as El Mayo Sambada, is not new to drug trafficking. He is the latest prominent target of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Local drug task force agents netted more than 3 tons of marijuana after raiding a house in southeast San Diego, Tuesday.

Neighbors told 10News that there is constant traffic in and out of the house, and that there are a lot of children living near the house.

DEA Special Agent Mike Vigil said, "When we executed the search warrant, you know, there were kids in the house where this marijuana was basically stashed."

"This is the result of dedicated work -- of individual officers -- who really risked their lives every single day," said San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne.

The Zambada-Garcia family is the first to take the spotlight since the crippling of the Arreano-Felix cartel.

In early 2001, Benjamin Arreno Felix was arrested, shortly after the death of his brother, Ramon.

Other families are not only scrambling for that northern Baja territory, but they are getting more sophisticated.

The marijuana confiscated was coated in oil and wrapped in clear cellophane, making it almost impossible for drug sniffing dogs to detect. And, it was packed in a box lined with tar which makes it difficult for X-rays to detect.

Agents arrested one woman at the house where the drug bust took place. They emphasized this is just the beginning of what could be a long and fruitful investigation.