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Alcohol Breath Test Kit

Alcohol Breath Test Kit

A Quick and inexpensive alcohol breath test that you guessed it, checks for alcohol on the breath. This easy to use breath scan detector will provide a reliable indication of alcohol present in exhaled breath. Very accurate.

Alcohol Drug Facts

Alcohol is considered to be a central nervous system depressant. There are several factors that influence how alcohol will affect a person. These include:

  • age

  • gender

  • physical condition

  • amount of food eaten

  • other drugs or medicines takes

An article in American Scientists tells us that "In the United States alone there are 18 million alcoholics, 28 million children of alcoholics, 6 million cocaine addicts, 14.9 million who abuse other substances, 25 million addicted to nicotine."

Alcohol will pass through your body in 6 hours-2 days normally. Drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and urinating as frequently as possible also helps speed the process up. Using any of our same day cleansers will ensure you easily pass if you wont make the 5 day deadline. Just drink 90 minutes before you test and you will easily pass. Learn more here.

Many people have been purchasing the Duz'z It to rid themselves of hangovers believe it or not. The Duz'z It acts like a sponge and absorbs all of the toxins in your system and then you urinate them out. Some genius over at Arizona State university came up with this idea and now it is spreading like wildfire throughout the college campuses! You can go out and drink very heavily and then drink the Duz'z It in the morning and your hangover and all traces of partying the night before will be gone! Try it today!