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Drug Testing News

Be Careful!! They Are On To The Fake Urine Kits!

Probationers are trying to beat drug and alcohol tests by using a device that delivers a clean urinalysis test, officials said. 

"The Whizzinator" looks like an athletic supporter that has a plastic penis attached to it and has a trigger that releases clean, stored urine. 

Bexar County officials recently discovered the latest trend to beating the system when a probationer was caught wearing the device. 

"He noticed something a little strange while he was patting him down," said Cynthia Bradley of the Bexar County Urinalysis Lab. "It was a bit bulky, a little bulkier than usual." 

Bexar County Chief Probation Officer Caesar Garcia said the county averages 5,200 urinalysis tests a month that are a condition for probation. 

A positive test usually means time in jail. 

Garcia said a 23-year-old man was arrested Monday after he was found wearing the $150 device, which can be purchased on the Internet. 

"We knew there was some problem," Garcia said, "and sure enough we examined him, and looked at him, and we did find he was wearing a Whizzinator." 

Garcia said the violation will cost the man his probation and he will spend the rest of it behind bars. 

Garcia added the easiest way to pass a urinalysis test is to not use drugs or alcohol.