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Drug Testing Books


This up-to-the-minute manual clearly explains the technical side of drug testing as well as how workers can exercise their legal rights to decline tests or dispute results.

From America's most visible, most devoted rebel, ammunition galore to combat drug testing A satirical, yet serious, response to mandatory drug testing.

Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies

Acute Toxicology Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Local Government

Drug Testing : Issues and Options

Drug Testing in Hair

Drug Testing Technology

Ur-Ine Trouble :
How Drug Users Are Passing and
Nonusers Are Failing

Case Studies of the Use of Drug Testing in Corporations

Drug Testing in Schools : A Pro/Con Issue

2 researchers describe the medical benefits of marijuana, explain why its use has been forbidden, and argue for its full legalization to make it available to all patients who need it.

This resource will explain the new regulations in plain and simple language, answer your questions, and give you valuable help in achieving your testing and reporting requirements. Also included is a PC disk which contains model drug testing policies, standards, procedures, contracts and other helpful compliance information.

UR-INE TROUBLE Dr. Holtorf demonstrates how common foods, prescription medications, and vitamin supplements are forcing many non-users to falsely test positive, and shows how drug users are able to easily pass these tests. Yes, even with the GC/MS, there are often false positives. Dr. Holtorf unveils the ugly truth about drug testing and explains how you can avoid the devastating pitfall of a false positive test.