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Drug Dictionary - Slang Terms Revealed

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Intended ultimately to be a fairly comprehensive guide to words, terms, and phrases related to recreational drug use. It contains Slang, lingo, and technical terms.

Usage Guide:

 n. - noun	adj. - adjective
 v. - verb	per. - person
		abr. - abbreviation

Asterisk (*) indicates a definition taken from the High Times Glossary.

The Dictionary


[n.] A police code used by the San Fransisco Police to identify pot smoking. As such, the number has also taken on a new meaning for pot smokers, becoming a symbol of praise for marijuana. 420 has even become a stoner holiday of sorts. On April 20th at 4:20 pm pot smokers everywhere convene in large groups and have huge smoke sessions. 4:20 is often used on any given day as a time to call for a session: "It's 4:20! Let's smoke a bowl!"


[n.] Slang. LSD.

Alice B. Toklas
[per.] The lesbian lover of Gertrude Stein and a good friend of Pablo Picasso, she had a recipe for killer marijuana brownies.*

[adj.] High on speed: "I just smoked a bulb and I'm so amped!"

[n.] Water-grown marijuana.


[n.] Slang. Blunt.

[v.] To be high, or to get high, on LSD or marijuana: "G-Dogg wants to bake tonight."

[adj.] High on a drug, especially LSD or marijuana: "The little green gremlins aren't real, Billy! You're baked!"

[n.] A compressed brick of marijuana, usually ranging in weight from 10 to 40 pounds.*

Balls / Ballz
[adv.] Used as a postfix to verbs that indicate the experience of intoxication. Indicates great intensity. i.e., "tripping ballz," "rolling ballz," etc.

[adj.] The term used to describe a finished bowl or joint; cashed: "This bowl is beat."

[n.] An Indian and Middle Eastern smoking mixture consisting of pollen from marijuana flowers and ghee, an oily butter. In medieval Arabia it also referred to a datura-based knockout potion.*

[n.] Slang. A ten-sheet stack of acid blotter with each sheet containing 100 tabs: "I swear on the bible I am high as fuck!"

[n.] Slang.Ecstasy. Region: Perth, Australia

[n.] Slang. A fat joint. Region: UK

[n.] A variety of hashish, referring to its color: "Wanna buy some black?"

[adj.] High on marijuana; stoned: "Fuuuuck.. I am soooo blazed, man."

[adj.] Very high on marijuana. Region: New York

[n.] A variety of hashish, referring to its golden color: "Wanna buy some blonde?"

Blowing Up
[v.] Experiencing the climax, or ultimate peak, of an ecstasy trip.

[n.] A joint rolled in the tobacco-leaf wrapper of a Phillies Blunt cigar.*

[v.] To hang onto the pipe/bong/joint for too long; not passing it around to the other smokers. Usually this happens when the person holding it is too caught up in a conversation or too zoned out to just hit the thing: "Hey, don't bogart the pipe! Pass it on!"

[n.] A pipe-like smoking device for one smoker with a long, tubular chamber. The bottom of the chamber is filled with water through which inhaled smoke is filtered and cooled. Usually made of glass, plastic or sometimes bamboo. Sometimes called a water pipe.

[n.] Slang. Term for marijuana used when in the company of straights (e.g., parents, teachers). "Yo, let's go read some books, dogg!" Regional: Western Canada.

[n.] Slang. Mushroom.

1. [n.] The part of a pipe, bong, or similar smoking device which holds the substance to be smoked. Usually made of metal and resembling a bulbous thimble. The phrase, "smoking a bowl," means to smoke one bowlful of the said substance.

[n.] A kilogram-sized slab or cube of compressed pot.*

[n.] A type of bong with a short tube and a big, bulbous bottom.

[n.] Slang. Gravity bong. Region: UK

1. [n.] Slang. Marijuana.
2. [n.] The fresh or dried flowers of the female marijuana plant.*

Buddha Stick
See Thai Stick.

[adj.] With regard to drug doses, non-potent and often poorly manufactured: "Man, those tabs we dropped last night were bunk!"

[v.] To light up, as in to light up a joint.


1. [v.] To get high on both LSD and Ecstasy together: "Hey Sid, are we still gonna candyflip tonight?"
2. [n.] A trip induced by combining LSD and Ecstasy: "That was an awesome candyflip last night."

Cannabis indica
[n.] The scientific name for a species of marijuana plant, the Indian hemp plant.*

Cannabis sativa
[n.] Another species of marijuana, closely related to indica.*

1. [n.] Capsule.
2. [n.] The top of a mushroom: "I just ate four caps and I'm tripping!"
3. [n.] A measurement of 1 capful of the liquid drug, GHB. The cap itself is generally equivalent in volume to the cap on a soda bottle.

[n.] A small hole in a pipe, bong, or other smoking device with a smoke holding chamber. Located at the end of the chamber farthest from the smoker's mouth. A thumb or finger is placed over the hole during the initial inhalation so that smoke can be sucked into the holding chamber. After the chamber is filled with smoke, the carb is released and the smoke sucked out of the chamber with fresh air rushing in through the carb to displace it. Alt: Shotgun.

[adj.] The state of a bowl whose contents have been completely smoked, with only the ash remaining: "This bowl is cashed."

[abr.] Closed-Eye Visuals; drug-induced visual hallucinations experienced with the eyes closed, or blindfolded.

[n.] Slang. Marijuana. Region: India

[n.] A black Brazilian form of marijuana, usually gummy and compressed into bricks.*

Chief / Chiefin / Chief Out
[v.] Slang. To smoke a lot of weed. Refers to the image of a Native American chief puffin' on the old peace pipe.

Chillum / Chalice
[n.] A cone-shaped pipe made of clay, or sometimes of fruit or vegetable rinds.*

[n.] Slang. Marijuana: "Smell that sweet chiva!"

[n.] Carb: Region: American Midwest.

[n.] Acid; LSD

1. [n.] Slang. CoricidinTM, an OTC cough remedy containing Dextromethorphan (DXM), and often (foolishly) used recreationally for this reason. CAUTION: Read warning below!
2. [v.] Slang. Using CoricidinTM recreationally to get high from the DXM it contains: "We're gonna be 'cidin tonight. Want to join us?"
IMPORTANT NOTE: While Coricidin does contain DXM, it also contains antihistimines which can be extremely dangerous when taken in larger-than-normal quantities. There are much safer ways to take DXM than through Coricidin and we highly recommend you altogether avoid Coricidin for recreational use..

Chinese Eyes
[n.] The term for the appearance of someone's eyes when they're very stoned and their eyelids are heavy and hanging low: "Your Chinese eyes give you away."

Chocolate Thai
[n.] Marijuana from Thailand that has a unique odor and flavor reminiscent of chocolate.

[n.] The hip-hop term for marijuana, especially that of a high-quality or potent variety.

[n.] Slang. Chronic.

[n.] A pot smoking session that takes place in a small, closed, confined space so that the smokers may increase their high by breathing secondhand smoke; a hotboxing session.

[n.] An anaesthetic stimulant drug derived from the coca plant. Cocaine, or "coke" as it is very often called, is usually either snorted in powder form or smoked in rock form (a la "crack" cocaine).

Cocoa Puffs
[n.] Slang. A mixture of cocaine and marijuana.

1. [n.] A joint made with tobacco and marijuana combined.
2. [n.] An alcoholic mixed drink.

Cocoa Puffs
[n.] Slang. Marijuana laced with cocaine. Region: Western Canada

[adj.] The most common type of marijuana on the black market.*

[n.] Slang. Crack cocaine. It is a pure and potent form of cocaine that has not been crumbled into powder. Usually smoked from a glass pipe.

[n.] Slang. Speed; methamphetamine.

Crippy / Crip
[n.] Slang. Potent, hydroponically grown marijuana with white crystals on top.

[n.] Slang. Crystal methamphetamine: "Speedy just smoked some crystal."


[n.] Pronounced "dumb," the Malaysian name for weed sold in back-alleys; presumably of lower grade.

[adj.] Of considerably good quality; refers to marijuana: "This is some dank weed!"

[n.] A devoted fan or follower of the now defunct classic American psychedelic-folk rock band, the Grateful Dead. During the active time of the band's career until the death of band's iconic leader Jerry Garcia in 1995, thousands of deadheads would follow the Grateful Dead continuously through each stop on their seemingly endless tours. This strongly devoted form of deadhead, as well as others, often belonged to a somewhat of a neo-hippie culture which stresses peace, love and fellowship, as well as expansion of the consiousness through the use of psychedelic drugs as tools.

[n.] Slang. Dextromethorphan (DXM)
[v.] To get high, or to be high, on DXM: "We're going to dex tonight," or, "Don't mind her, she's dexing."

Dextromethorphan (DXM)
[n.] A synthetic drug found in some cough syrups which is sometimes taken recreationally to produces a psychedelic high. It has dissociative properties in high doses. Although DXM is available over the counter, the legality of recreational use is questionable.

[n.] A ten-dollar bag of marijuana: "I just bought a dime! Let's smoke!"

Diss Dance
[n.] The style of dancing that you get after taking a low to medium dose of a dissociative drug, such as PCP, Ketamine or DXM; the "Dissociative Dance." Region: Birmingham, Alabama and vicinity

[n.] Slang. Marijuana. Region: Northern Virginia, USA / Alt: Dolja.

[n.] Slang. Marijuana. Alt: Dojo.

[n.] A 1960s and '70s term for joint; the word originated on the baby-boomer kiddy show Romper Room, where the good children were called "good Do-Bes."*

1. [n.] Slang. Any controlled substance, although it usually refers to heroin or marijuana.
2. [adj.] Hip-hop term meaning fine or good: "Yo, dis is some dope shit!"

1. [n.] 1 "serving" of LSD. Generally the smallest amount of LSD that someone would consume at one time. Equals 1 drop of liquid, 1 tab of blotter or one geltab or microdot: "I took 3 doses and I'm feeling groovy!"
2. [n.] Slang. LSD.
3. [v.] Slang. To consume LSD: "We dosed over an hour ago."

[v.] Ingest; with regard to LSD. "Chaka dropped acid about 30 minutes ago."

Durban Brown
[n.] Marijuana from the Natal Province in South Africa.*

Durban Poison / DP
[n.] A harsher dope than Durban Brown, and very potent; found in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

[n.] Slang. A $20 bag of marijuana: "Smokey hooked me up a dub."


[n.] Slang. Ecstasy; MDMA.

[n.] A pound of pot.*

[n.] The street name for the drug Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA). It is a white crystalline powder, usually put into capsules or pressed into pills. It produces a euphoric high involving enhanced senses, feelings of inner and worldly peace, and sensations of platonic love and empathy for everyone nearby. Popular among the rave culture.

Endochronic / Endo
[n.] Slang. Marijuana.

[n.] A derogatory name given to people on Ecstasy by those not on the drug. It is due to E users' common desire to run up and hug everyone, or engage in other assorted hypersocial behavior which may seem annoying or intrusive to those who aren't on E: "Some e-tard just came up and hugged me."


[n.] Slang. A joint laced with cocaine.

1. [n.] A forty-ounce bottle of malt liquor or beer: "I drink one forty, and I'm good to go!"*
2. [n.] A $40 bag of marijuana: "G-Dogg sold me a forty."

1. [n.] Smokable form of cocaine created by cooking powder cocaine with either amnonia or baking powder to form rocks.
2. [v.] To use freebase (1).: "I've been freebasin' since I was 71, fool!"

1. [v.] To be under the influence of LSD: "We're frying."
2. [n.] Slang. LSD.
3. [n.] A skimpy marijuana joint that's been dipped in PCP: "Let's go get some fry." Alt: Wet

1. [n.] A root grown in Afghanistan which has hallucinogenic properties when ingested.
2. [adj.] Acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition."


[n.] Slang. GHB.

[n.] 1940s Slang for pot.*

[n.] Slang. A large joint coated in hash or weed oil: "Let's go roll a big gagger!" Region: Nova Scotia, Canada

[n.] Term for pot originating in India and Jamaica but which is now used worldwide.

[adj.] Slang. High on cocaine. Region: Chicago and vicinity.

[n.] Slang. Geltab.

[n.] Gelatin capsule.

[n.] A type of carrier for acid. A full geltab sheet consists of, very basically, 2 gelatin-based sheets with LSD sealed between them in segmented compartments. One compartment equals one tab.

[n., abr.] Abbreviation, and common name for the chemical gamma-hydroxybutyrate. GHB is a normal component of mammalian metabolism and is found naturally in every cell in the human body. It is has come to be used in Europe as a general anesthetic, a treatment for insomnia and narcolepsy, an aid to childbirth, a treatment for alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and for many other uses.

During the 1980s, GHB was widely available over-the-counter in health-food stores, purchased largely by body-builders for its ability to stimulate growth hormone release which aids in fat reduction and muscle building. In the last few years it has been gaining popularity as a "recreational" drug offering a pleasant, alcohol-like, hangover-free "high" with potent prosexual effects.

[v.] Slang. To be under the influence of a narcotic dose of Dramamine.

[n.] Yellow marijuana from Acapulco in Mexico or Santa Marta Department in Colombia.*

[n.] Slang. Marijuana, weed, pot, etc.*

Gravity Bong
[n.] A type of bong, usually homemade, that utilizes water to create negative air pressure to draw the smoke in, and positive air pressure to pump the smoke into the smoker's lungs, all without any sucking.


Hashish / Hash
[n.] Smoking mixture that regionally varies, generally based primarily on resin from substandard Middle Eastern or Indian marijuana.*

1. [n.] Cannabis stalks and stems, especially those used to make rope, fabrics, etc.*
2. [n.] These said ropes, fabrics, etc.

[n.] Jamaican term for marijuana with Biblical connotations; Rastafarian sacrament.*

[n.] Slang. One eighth ounce of weed. Derived from Henry the Eighth.

1. [adj.] Intoxicated on a drug. "G-Dogg is high."
2. [n.] The intoxication induced by a drug. "An LSD high is like none other."

1. [n.] A single inhalation of smoke taken from a joint or smoking device; a drag; puff.
2. [v.] To take a hit (1) from a joint or smoking device: "Let me hit that joint one last time before I leave."

[n.] A waterpipe with four long, flexible tube stems with mouthpieces at one end. Accomodates four smokers simultaneously. Originally used to smoke hashish, but commonly used for marijuana as well. Usually very elegant in appearance, and sometimes available in stem numbers other than four. Can be seen being smoked by the Caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland.

[v.] To smoke marijuana in a small, confined space so as to take advantage of secondhand smoke for an increased high: "Let's go hotbox my car!"

[n.] Hydroponic marijuana.

[n.] Marijuana grown in a controlled, optimized enviroment including automatic irrigation systems, regulated climate, the best fertilizer and other such amenities. Consequently, the yielded product is extremely potent.


In Crowd
[n.] Hipsters who throw secret parties for vipers only.*

[v.] Slang. To consume some quantity of LSD: "When i indulged on New Years Eve, I saw stars that no one else saw."


Jamaican Seed
[n.] A quarter-sized seed of a special marijuana that can be smoked and is very potent.

Jefferson Airplane
[n.] Circa the 1940s and '50s, a term for a roach-holder fashioned from a matchbook cover.*

1. [v.] To strongly crave a drug, perhaps due to an active addiction: "I'm jonesin' for some weed!"
2. [n.] A craving for, or addiction to, a drug: "He's got a speed jones."
3. [n.] Any amount of incompletely burnt drug matter (usually speed) that has worked its way up the smoking tube and is usually accessed only when the smoker is desperate.

1. [n.] 1930s and '40s Slang for marijuana and marijuana-influenced popular music.*
2. [n.] A variety of street Slang practiced primarily by black Americans; Ebonics. ex.: "Yo, you niggaz be trippin!"

[n.] 1960s term for a joint, referring either to LBJ or the membrum virile.*

Joint / Jay / J
[n.] Slang. A marijuana cigarette.*


[n.] Slang. Ketamine.

[n.] Ketamine (Hydrochloride) is an anaesthetic used primarily for veterinary purposes. Ketamine blocks nerve paths without depressing respiratory and circulatory functions, and therefore acts as a safe and reliable anaesthetic. It is commonly injected intramuscularly, but can also be taken orally and nasal pharyngealically. Ketamine is only available to physicians, and is not commonly sold as an illicit drug, and is scheduled in several states. 

[n.] The stage of a strong Ketamine trip in which the user feels disoriented to the point to paralysis, which can often cause feelings of helplessness and fear.

Kief / Kif / Kaff / Khayf
[n.] Golden pollen hash from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern nations. It is said that "A puff of kif in the morning makes a man as strong as 1,000 camels in the courtyard."*

[adj.] Of exceptional quality, referring to marijuana; dank: "G-Spot scored us some kind buds!"


Ladi Dadi
[n.] Slang. Term used in the hip hop underground for LSD: "3 ladi dadies and I'm ready to party!"

[n.] Large Jamaican buds which can be sliced like a loaf of bread and are shaped like a lamb's tail.*

[n.] Lysergic Acid Diethlamide. LSD is a powerful psychoactive drug. First synthesized in 1938 by Albert Hoffman, LSD is perhaps the most widely used of all synthetic hallucinogens recreationally. It is usually consumed either by being dripped onto the tongue in pure liquid form, or by means of a carrier like a sugar cube or a small paper tab which the LSD is dripped onto, then eaten or sucked on later.


[v.] To consume by injection: "I've been mainlining heroin since I was 16."

[n.] The smokable leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant. Produces a relaxing high involving altered perception of time and short-term memory degradation, and may induce a tendency for uncontrolled and uncaused laughter.

Maryjane / M.J.
1. [n.] Slang. Marijuana. "Mary" and "Jane" are the English forms of the female names "Mari" and "Juana" in Spanish.
2. [n.] The female cannabis plant. Male plants have almost no active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).*

Matching Bowls
[v.] A term meaning that all parties partaking in a smoke-out donate equal parts of their own weed, if they have any. For instance, if G-Dogg and HomeFry are matching bowls, then for every bowl of G-Dogg's weed that they smoke, HomeFry will pack and share a bowl of his own: "Let's go smoke. I'll match bowls with you."

[abr.] Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine.

[n.] Chemical name for speed.

[abr.] Mescaline is the primary psychoactive alkaloid found in various cactus species, including the famed "peyote". Like the peyote these cacti have been used by various religions throughout the world.

[n.] The scientific name for the drug, Ecstasy.

[n.] Slang. Marijuana. From Mezz Mezzrow, the legendary jazzman and Harlem pot-dealer who turned on Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats during the 1930s.*

[n.] A small portion of pure mescaline, almost like a gelatin capsule, but much smaller.

[n.] The commercial name of just one of the thousands of different makes or "brands" of Ecstacy. This wafer pill has the logo of the Mitsubishi Auto Corporation engraved into its surface.

[n.] Marijuana. Region: Southern California and Mexico

[n.] 1930s and '40s Slang for pot.*

[n.] Slang. A psychedelic mushroom. Traditionally, only the psylocibin variety but can also be used to describe various amanitas.

[n.] Slang. The sensation of hunger felt by someone when they're coming down off a marijuana high: "Let's go by Taco Bell. I've got the munchies!"

[n.] Slang. A generously packed joint. Region: Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

Mystery Horn
[n.] Slang. Any homemade drug paraphernalia (i.e., pop bottle bongs, Pringles can bongs, etc.) Used in reference to the mystery horn from "The Grand Wazoo," by Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention. Region: American Midwest (Michigan)


Nickel Bag
[n.] Five dollars worth of pot, or any other street intoxicant.*

[n.] The so-called "smart drugs" or "cognitive enhancers," they are thought to enhance mental faculties. Included in this category are Piracetam, Vasopressin, Hydergine, Choline, DMAE, Ginkgo biloba, and Centrophenoxine.

Northern Lights
[n.] A rare type of hydroponic marijuana. Alt: NL13

Nose Candy
[n.] Slang. Cocaine.

1. [n.] Slang. A bud from a marijuana plant. Often used to refer to the separate cohesive pieces of weed in a bag of marijuana; short for "nugget.": "Hey, I got some nugs. Wanna smoke out?"
2. [n.] Slang. Still short for "nugget," a small, pea-sized chunk of ultra-compressed weed. Lasts about 3 hits and produces a more powerful high than normal leaf marijuana.

[n.] The purified and concentrated resin from hashish or marijuana.*


[abr.] Overdose.

[abr.] Open-Eye Visuals; drug-induced visual hallucinations or distortions experienced with the eyes open.

[n.] One ounce of pot.*

[n.] A small pipe with a bowl that holds only one hit.

[abr.] Over the counter. Designation for drugs that can be obtained legally without a prescription.

1. [n.] An overconsumption of any drug, such that it causes a medical emergency or death in the consumer: "River Phoenix died of a heroin overdose."
2. [v.] To consume an overdose of a drug: "Be careful, don't overdose."


Panama Red
[n.] A potent strain of pot from Panama.*

[n.] Snowball.

[n.] A defoliant, toxic to humans as well as plants, that has been sprayed on marijuana throughout the world since the '70s.*

[n.] Phencyclidine and other l-Phenylcyclohexylamines. PCP, also known as Angel Dust, is a dissociative drug with many varying effects. It may produce visual body distortions or delusions, or eliminate the user's sense of fear, giving them a sense of invincibility. This last effect is particularly dangerous, because many times users will try to take advantage of their believed invincibility and do things that would normally kill them, i.e., flying from a rooftop, stopping a train by standing in front of it, etc. For these reasons, as well as others, PCP is a very dangerous drug.

1. [n.] The climax of any high: "I just hit my peak!"
2. [v.] To experience the climax of any high: "I'm peaking and it feels like heaven!"

[n.] The stupid grin you get on your face while high and don't lose for the whole damn trip.

Pink Red
[n.] The commercial name of just one of the thousands of different makes or "brands" of Ecstacy. Popular in Malaysia.

[n.] A pitifully skinny joint that probably won't even get you high: "What's with this pinner you rolled, man?"

[n.] A simple smoking device consisting, in its most basic form, a bowl connected to a hollow smoke shaft. The smoke is sucked from the bowl, through the shaft, into the smoker's mouth. More complex pipes have smoke holding chambers and carbs, and perhaps other parts. Pipes have been constructed from a variety of materials, including, but not limited to, blown glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and corncobs.

1. [n.] Any of a variety of n-nitrite inhalants which, when inhaled, cause a relaxing of the muscles, a dilation of blood vessels, increased heart rate, and a brief increase of oxygen flow to the brain. This last effect causes a "rush" sensation which is very pleasurable and can enhance orgasm if taken during sex. Poppers used to be sold in adult book stores under names like "Rush," "Jolt," "Locker Room," and "Jack Hammer" until they were banned in the United States. Currently the only kind of popper still available is cyclohexyl nitrite. Many of the name brand products have switched to this formula. CONTRA-INDICATION WARNING: Poppers have been known to cause death when used in conjunction with the anti-impotency drug, ViagraTM.
2. [n.] Slang. A person who uses drugs or medications that were prescribed to someone else.

Positif K
[n.] Slang. Ketamine. Region: Malaysia

[n.] Slang. Marijuana.

[n.] A marijuana joint laced with cocaine; a wooly.

[n.] The chemical which psilocybin (from Psilocybe mushrooms) breaks down into when consumed to produce a psychedelic high. Some psilocin is found naturally in Psilocybe mushrooms.

[n.] The chemical in Psilocybe mushrooms which, when consumed, breaks down into psilocin, a chemical which produces a psychedelic high. Molecular composition: C12H17N2O4P.

[adj.] With regard to drugs, having mind-altering effects which may involve any of the following: multi-sensory hallucinations, delusions, intellectual insights, increased creative capacity, spiritual enlightenment, euphoria. The most popular psychedelics in modern American culture are LSD and Psilocybe mushrooms.

Purple Haze
[n.] A type of marijuana with veins of purple originating in Jamaica.


[n.] Slang. One quarter ounce of pot: "I scored a Q." Region: Canada

[n.] Slang. A quarter pound of marijuana.

[n.] Slang. One quarter ounce of cocaine (or possibly any other substance). Region: Houston, Texas and vicinity


Rake Twigs
[v.] Slang. To smoke a blunt: "You want to rake some twigs with me?" Region: New York

[n.] An organized underground party involving music and dancing. Raves typically involve one or more DJs playing electronic dance music such as techno, trance, breakbeat, jungle, and ambient. Usually starting after dusk and lasting through 'til dawn, drug use at raves often runs rampant; particularly the use of Ecstasy and LSD. Raves can vary greatly in size and scope, hosting from dozens to thousands of guests, and lasting from one night to a few days. Classically, ravers have maintained a strong community spirit and have promoted an ideal called PLUR, an acronym for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These values have unfortunately faded somewhat since the onset of a newer generation of ravers unfamiliar with these concepts so elemental to the original scene.

Red Night
[n.] The commercial name of just one of the thousands of different makes or "brands" of Ecstacy. Popular in Malaysia.

[n.] Slang. Term for pot dating back to the turn of the century, and still popular.*

[n.] Slang. "Regular," commercial-grade weed. Not particularly potent.

[n.] The black tarry substance that gathers on the inside of a pipe that is made of concentrated THC particles and anything left over from the bowl. Scraped out when cleaning your pipe, resin can be smoked for a bad tasting high.

[n.] The butt of a joint. It is strong because it catches and concentrates the resin from the rest of the joint.*

[n.] Slang. RobitussinTM brand cough syrup. Used loosely, may refer to any cough syrup containing Dextromethorphan (DXM).

1. [n.] Cashiers who are nosily question the legitimacy of your RobitussinTM purchase.
2. [v.] Slang. To steal RobitussinTM: "Don't have any money? Just robocop it!"

1. [v.] To experience an ecstasy trip: "I popped my E an hour ago and now I'm rolling!"
2. [v.] The method used to wrap a small rectangular piece of paper around marijuana, tobacco or another smoking mixture to form a joint or cigarette: "Dogg is rolling a fat joint." 3. [n.] Slang.
Ecstasy; MDMA.

Rope Dope
[n.] Low-quality pot from leafy hemp.*


[n.] Slang. Literally, a sack, or baggie of any illicit substance. Marijuana and other drugs are often packaged for sale in small plastic bags such as sandwich bags.

[n.] Slang. A mixture of marijuana and hashish. Region: Western Canada.

Scooby Snacks
[n.] Slang. Psychedelic mushrooms.

[v.] Slang. Obtain, as in to obtain drugs. "Willis is gonna score us some dank weed!"

[n.] Slang. Prescription: "I just got on script for Vicodin!"

[n.] A pot-smoking sitting: "We're going to have a session at 4:20."

[n.] The small crumbled bits at the bottom of a sack of weed.

1. [v.] To rapidly inhale a large amount of smoke from a smoking device, such as a bong, wherein there is little to no resistance of airflow: "Pull out the bowl and shotgun it!"
2. [v.] To transfer a lungful of smoke from one smoker to another either through a tube of some sort, or by direct mouth-to-mouth contact. One smoker exhales their smoke while the other inhales it. Term originated during the Vietnam conflict during which soldiers would exchange hits through shotgun barrels: "Let's conserve weed by shotgunning our hits to one another."
3. A tubular smoking device similar to a bong, but open on both ends so it can't hold water. The smoker covers one end with their hand while using their mouth on the other end to suck smoke into the chamber. When the chamber is full the hand is removed to eliminate any air resistance and the smoke is quickly shotgunned (1) out of the chamber. Also known as a "steamroller." 4. [n.] Slang. Carb.

Shwag / Shwah / Swag
1. [adj.] Of fairly low quality; refers to marijuana: "What's up with this shwag crap?"
2. [n.] Marijuana of fairly low quality: "I just bought an ounce of shwah for ten bucks!"

[n.] The flowering tops of seedless marijuana plants.*

[n.] Slang. Any sort of controlled substance.*: "You got the shit?"

[n.] Street term for mushrooms that when eaten, produce a psychedelic high. Usually refers to Psilocybe mushrooms.

[n.] Aromatic sinsemilla, usually cultivated from the Afghani variety of marijuana.*

[v.] Slang. Smoke.

1. [v.] The method by which several recreational drugs may be consumed, including marijuana, crack, and speed. The drug is heated with a flame and the resulting vapor is inhaled by way of a device such as a pipe or bong.
2. [n.] The said vapor.
3. [n.] Slang. Marijuana.

Smoke Out
[v.] To smoke marijuana. Sometimes said as, to smoke someone out, meaning to smoke your marijuana with someone else: "Come to my house and I'll smoke you out," or, "Come smoke out with us."

Smoke Up
[v.] Regional variation of Smoke Out.

[n.] A makeshift capsule made by wrapping a substance, usually a powder, in tissue or toilet paper to form a small pouch. The paper is twisted to seal in the substance, then the excess paper is removed and the pouch is swallowed: "I don't have any gelcaps, so just make snowballs."

[v.] To light up, as in to light up a joint or a bowl. Sometimes said as, "spark up." "Yo, HomeFry! Let's spark up another bowl!"

[adj.] Slang. Simultaneously high on both LSD and pot. Region: East Tennessee and surrounding vicinity.

[n.] Street name for Methamphetamine. An extreme upper, its effects include increased respiratory and pulmatory rates and metabolism, sleeplessness, and some effects commonly associated with nervousness, including twitching and unnecessary movement of the body (i.e., bobbing of a leg).

[n.] Jamaican term for a large, ice-cream-cone-shaped joint.*

1. [n.] A hidden cache of dope.*
2. [v.] To conceal one's dope.*

[n.] See Shotgun (3).

[n.] Any drug which induces increased heart or respiratory rate, accelerated metabolism, or "awakeness" or sleeplessness. Also known as uppers. Some stimulants include speed, caffeine, and NoDoz.

[n.] One method of distributing and consuming LSD. One or more drops of liquid LSD are put onto a sugarcube then it's sucked on or otherwise consumed.


[n.] A small square of paper, usually about ¼ square inch, that has had liquid LSD dripped onto it and dried. The tab is generally swallowed or sucked on to administer the LSD to the acid head.

[n.] Slang. Marijuana.

[n.] In Harlem in the '30s and '40s, an after-hours club where pot was smoked and jazz music performed.*

Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC)
[n.] The psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that is responsible for the high.*

Thai Stick
[n.] A delicious Thai variety of marijuana, usually wrapped around thin bamboo splints or popsicle-stick slivers. *

[abr.] Tetrahydrocannibinol.

Thyme or Oregano
[n.] Spices resembling marijuana in appearance, frequently used to defraud customers.*

1. [v.] To inhale, or puff marijuana from a joint or other smoking device. To take a hit: "I'm ready to toke that joint!"
2. [n.] The act of toking: "That was a long toke you just had!"

Toss A Salad
[v.] To pack a bowl using 2 or more people's weed combined: "Bust out your weed, I'll bust out mine, and let's toss a salad!"

[n.] Street name for a concocted mixture of LSD, ecstacy and speed.

1. [n.] The duration of a drug's intoxicating effects, especially LSD or other psychedelics. "This trip is intense!"
2. [v.] To be under the influence of an intoxicating substance, usually a psychedelic drug. "We're going to trip tonight."
3. [v.] To become unusually awe-inspired, fascinated, confused, or otherwise emotionally charged by some stimulus, especially while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. "I'm tripping on this painting!"
4. [n.] Slang. LSD.

Tripping Face
[v.] Regional variation (Chicago) for "Tripping Balls."

[adj.] Awe-inspiring, fascinating, confusing, or otherwise emotionally influential in an unusual way. "That movie was trippy!"

[v.] To be under the influence of both LSD and Ecstasy; to be both "tripping" and "rolling."; candyflipping: "It was great trolling with you last night." Region: Southeast USA

Twacked / Twacked Out
[adj.] Slang. Tweeked. (See "Tweek" Definition #2)

1. [n.] Slang. Speed; Methamphetamine.
2. [v.] To display the influence of speed. When a person's behavior makes it obvious that they are on speed, they are said to be "tweeking" or "tweeked" or "tweeked out."

[n.] A $20 bag of marijuana: "G-Dogg sold me a twenty."

Twigs and Seeds
[n.] The unsmokable leftovers from screening marijuana before sale, or the stuff at the bottom of the bag after purchase.*


1. [n.] The drug-using sector of society.*
2. [adj.] Largely unkown; popularly invisible: i.e., underground music scenes, underground sub-cultures.

[n.] Stimulant.


[n.] A form of the drug Codeine prescribed for pain.

[n.] 1930s hipsters who frequented tea pads and smoked jive; onomatopoeic from ssssssssst, the sound made by an inhaling pot-smoker.*


Wacky Tobacky
[n.] Slang. Marijuana: "I love smokin' that wacky tobacky!"

[n.] Slang. Marijuana.

[n.] A skimpy marijuana joint that's been dipped in PCP: "Let's go get some wet." Alt: Fry

[adj.] Very intoxicated, usually on uppers.

[n.] Slang. Cans of whipped cream which use Nitrous Oxide as propellant. Often druggies will inhale the Nitrous that comes out of a new can before the whipped cream is expelled: "Yo, dogg. I'm bored. Let's go get some whip-its."

White Cap
[n.] Slang. A bowl of marijuana topped off with cocaine.

White House
[n.] Slang. Ativan, a commercial brand of the prescription tranquilizer Lorazepam. The Slang name "White House" is due to their color and shape.

Wicky Stick
[n.] Slang. A cigarette or joint that's been dipped in PCP: "A wicky stick will surely kick your world into slo-mo." Region: Chicago and vicinity

Window Pane
[n.] Slang. Geltab.

[n.] A marijuana joint with cocaine sprinkled into it.


[n.] Nickname for the drug, ecstasy.


[n.] Slang. Cocaine.

[n.] Slang. A dose of Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine). Refers to its yellow and black color. "You still want to hook up some yellowjackets?" Region: Birmingham, Alabama and vicinity

[n.] Slang. Marijuana.


[n.] Slang. Marijuana. Region: Alberta, Canada

[v.] Slang. Marijuana. Region: South Africa

[adj.] Very stoned, spaced-out, wasted, ripped, destroyed, wrecked, intoxicated all to Hell and gone. *

[adj.] High on cocaine: "T-Bone snorted some rails and was zooted for quite some time." Region: Wisconsin / American Midwest

[n.] Slang. Marijuana. Region: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[n.] A brand of rolling papers famous for the silhouette of a bearded smoker on the label.*