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Situations in which drug testing occurs:

Annual Physical - Identifies current users, so that may receive assistance, and/or disciplinary action.
Post-Accident - Testing employees that are involved in an accident, or who show a pattern of unsafe practices.  This will help determine if drugs and/or alcohol use was a factor, and protects the overall safety of the workplace.
Pre-Employment - Decreases the chance of hiring someone that is currently using drugs, offer employment only after a negative drug test.
Pre-Promotion - Avoiding promotions to drug abusers by testing prior to promoting within the organization.
Random Testing -  Unpredictable and random testing is commonly used in safety and security sensitive positions. By using random testing, companies discourage use and abuse, and are able to refer these people for disciplinary action, or assist them in obtaining treatment.
Reasonable Suspicion -  Testing employees that show obvious signs of being unfit for duty, or have documented patterns of unsafe work behavior.  This protects the safety and well being of the employee and other co-workers.  Also provided an opportunity for rehabilitation.  
Treatment Follow-up - Periodically test employees who return to work after completion of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.  They believe this encourages employees to remain drug free.