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Drug Testing News

Firefighters Resign, Retire After Failing Drug Test

Three Akron firefighters with more than 60 years of dedication combined failed random drug tests given by the city, according to NewsChannel5. 

The three firefighters tested positive for marijuana use, officials said. 

"Right now it's truly unfortunate," Marcus Moore, senior district chief, said. 

Moore served the Akron Fire Department for 25 years and now he will be forced to retired from his post at the training center, WEWS said. He will still get his pension. 

"I feel -- to ask a person to risk his life and be compassionate towards his fellow men ... I feel it's a little harsh to be thrown to the curb," Lt. Marc Finney of Akron Fire Department said. 

Finney worked at the city administration building controlling the Fire Department's budget. He had been with the department for 21 years before failing the test. 

The third firefighter to lose his job after random drug tests is Bill Barracato. He spent most of his 17 years as a paramedic. 

"Employees as a result of being drug tested of using illegal drugs will be subject to dismissal," said Ron Oscar of Labor Relations. 

WEWS said that in the firefighters union agreement, there's room for argument. 

It states employees will be subject to dismissal but consideration will be given for rehabilitation. 

"We're going to continue to argue what we believe is right in our contractual language -- that the Chief does have discretion to make a decision to rehabilitate," Lt. Les Gaiser of Akron Firefighter Local 330 said. 

WEWS said that all three men either retired or resigned, so they lose their chance to appeal to the Civil Service Commission. Records show that no firefighter has ever won such a case.