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Most Popular Drug Test Kits

Extreme User Detox Kit
Never Fail Urine Cleanser
Heavy Total body Cleanser
Duz'z It Urine Cleanser
All Toxin Removal Shampoo
THC Marijuana Drug Test Kit
Annihilator Kit Urine Cleanse
Extreme Plus Light Shampoo
8oz Detoxifying Shampoo
Moderate User Detox Kit

Our Same-Day Urine Drug Testing solutions are made from the finest natural ingredients. Our unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal cleansers are put to the test by people just like you every day with successful results. Today most facilities have cracked down on the testing procedures. In most places you will be frisked for bottles and additives, you will have to wash your hands to remove any chemicals, and you will be supervised while you urinate. The most fail-safe way to prepare for your test, especially if you don't know if you will be watched, is to take a Same-Day Treatment. Not only will your test be clean the first time, but if you have to retest that day, you'll be covered. You never know when they're going to drop or lose your sample.


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Never Fail
With this kit we give you 2 of our strongest same day solutions that when used together always perform the job you expect. 1 - DUZ'z-IT and and your choice of 1 Crisis Caps or 1 45 minute Chewable Tablet. A 99.99% passing success rate is achieved by all users with Never Fail. Perfect for daily users, no matter what you use. 99.99
% Success Rate!



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The Chem-Out Dual Combo
Chem Out is for individuals who do Chemicals and don't have time to do a Total body Cleanse. Detoxifing drinks are mostly made for THC use only, we give you two products when used correctly will take the chemicals out and help the heavy smokers too!! You get 1 - 32oz. DUZz-It and 1 - 15 Count Precleansing Tablets. 100% Undetectable!  Instructions: Day before you go: Take the Tablets as suggested. Take 1-2 Multivitamins, drink lots of water, unsweeten tea. Day you go: Take the DUZz-it as suggested on side panel. Helful Hints: Drink lots of water take 2-3 multivitamins a day. Make sure your urine is yellow, if not take a multivitamin. When you go to your place of choice be sure to urinate midstream, first into the toilet bowl, then the cup. 100
% Money Back Guarantee!



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The Duz'z It
The largest liquid detoxifying drink on the market! An entire 32 ounces! Just drink one hour before your test you're clean for five whole hours.
100% Money Back Guarantee.  Light to heavy Users!

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Little Duzz Detox Drink
Easy & convenient when you want a drink with quick cleansing power, this is the ideal choice. Simply drink, and you're clean after one hour with a clinically-proven cleansing power for up to five full hours. Light User


The Annihilator Kit
Perfect for 4-5x per week users. Combining 2 of our same day solutions (1 chewable and 1 Crisis Cap) geared towards removing the specific levels of toxins in a heavy users system. Removes all toxins and is 100% undetectable.
99.99% Success Rate!


45 Minute Chewable Tablet
Guaranteed clean for 5 hours! Removes all toxins. Just chew and swallow this tablet and in 45 minutes your urine will be toxin free for a 5 hour period. Pleasant taste and 99.99% success rate.
Light users 1-2x a week


Crisis Capsules
Moderate-Heavy users 20 Extra Strength Caps! Lasts for 5 hours! Works After 45 Minutes! Moderate-Heavy Users


Tinkle synthetic urine is a premixed liquid, it is packaged in a 2 oz. plastic container, has a heat tempersure strip and a hand warmer . Tinkle is unisex so a male or female can use it. Tinkle has the same properties as regular urine. pH balanced. Moderate users!


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