Cleanse your blood and urine permanently, Remove all toxins, Simple to use 4-6 day program. Call 1-877-768-7300 or 888-420-6556.
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(2 free Home Test Kits!)
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  Just Add this to your urine if you arent watched and easily pass...
Extreme Daily User Kit (Daily Users) - This is our most popular permanent cleansing solution we offer. Complete a 5 day program and your urine and blood will be toxin free, forever. 100% undetectable and removes all drugs.

the bomb

(2 free Home Test Kits!)
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Heavy Usage Kit (5-6x per week) - 5-6x per week users easily pass their blood or urine test upon completion of this 4 day program. No strict diets. Removes all toxins. Easy to follow Instructions.

(2 free Home Test Kits!)
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Moderate Usage Kit (2-4x per week) - Perfect for 2-4x per week moderate users. This 3 day program will eliminate traces of any past drug use from your urine and blood, guaranteed. +2 Free Self Test Kits.

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Light Usage Kit (1-2x per week) - This light user 1-2x per week permanent cleansing kit is completed in 2 short days and removes all toxins from your blood and urine. Not a mask! +2 Free Tests

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Nicotine Cleansing Kit - Anyone needing to pass a nicotine test should consider this program. 1 day program that rids the system of detectable nicotine. Upon completion a passing result is guaranteed. Great for 2nd hand smoke!

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Steroid Cleansing Kit - If you have a competition coming up, consider our steroid removing solution. Program complete in 4 only days! These 100% natural herbs do not harm the body in any way. Hot seller in over 400 gyms!

(2 free Home Test Kits!)
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10 Day Ultra Tox Cleanse - For those of you that have been using toxins everyday for who knows how long, definitely consider this program. This is the strongest program we offer to remove all drugs. Includes 2 free self test kits and a 10 day supply of cleansing agents.

(2 free Home Test Kits!)
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Smog Your Body D'Tox - This is a 30 day supply for those that live or work in high polluted areas, smoke, drink, have lung problems, or just feel like detoxifying their systems once a year for health reasons. Feel completely invigorated upon completion of this beneficial program.

Complete Body Cleansing Kits Here.
Have You Considered One Of Our Complete Body Cleansing Kits
- If you aren't sure of the type of test that is going to be performed on you, or want to completely cleanse your whole body, check out our complete body cleansing kits. Your hair, urine and blood will be permanently cleansed until you use again.
The above programs are designed to clean your blood and urine only. If unsure about hair test, click here. 
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