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Random Drug Test Solutions

When you don't have time for the Cleanses or Same Day Solutions.


Do it the easy way with Tinkle Synthetic Urine. Tinkle is a premixed liquid, it is packaged in a 2 oz. plastic container, has a heat temperature strip and a hand warmer. Tinkle is unisex so a male or female can use it. Tinkle has the same properties as regular urine. pH balanced.



Spit 'N' Kleen Detoxifying Mouthwash
If you are subject to oral drug testing with a swab, make sure you are prepared. This mouthwash is highly effective. Place in mouth and swish for 1-2 minutes. Your mouth will now be coated with solution and saliva flow will stop for approximately 30-40 minutes. Works every time guaranteed.

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Never Fail

With this kit we give you 2 of our strongest same day solutions that when used together always perform the job you expect. 1 - DUZ'z-IT and  your choice of 1 Crisis Caps or 1 45 minute Chewable Tablet. A 99.99% passing success rate is achieved with the Never Fail. Perfect for light/medium usage. 99.99% Success Rate!

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.