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Can you handle it yourself or do you need help?

In the modern world for most people, legal conflicts, questions, and issues arise regularly. Whether you are getting married, fighting a parking ticket, starting a new job or business, buying a house, planning for your retirement or just minding your own affairs, the law is in your face.

When do you need a lawyer's help?

Sometimes it's a no-brainer. If you're charged with a crime, you probably need a lawyer — and fast. Other times it's not so obvious. But be advised: You don't have to be involved in a civil or criminal conflict or controversy to benefit from legal counsel. People hire lawyers for advice and expertise all of the time, in all kinds of situations.

Here's the first thing to ask yourself in deciding if you should consult an attorney: "What's at stake?" When your finances or liberties are in serious jeopardy, get legal help. What is serious? An simple possession charge is a  brush with the law, but you need not consult with an attorney to pay the fine or even to fight it. However, if you've been caught with a nice little garden in your closet and you have been arrested, you may want to hire a lawyer who can help you best resolve the situation, and perhaps save you money and hopefully keep you out of jail.

You don't have to be in trouble to call a lawyer, and you don't have to be mad at someone or at the end of your financial rope either. In non-adversarial situations, use common sense and a little bit of business savvy in deciding if you might benefit from good advice of counsel.

In good times as well as bad, with a lawyer's help, individuals understand and secure their legal rights and financial interests. With good legal advice, clients comply with and swiftly navigate through, the complex mazes of federal and state regulations. And everybody can rest easily after consulting experienced lawyers for important undertakings such as keeping you free and a little money left in the bank.

What should you consider before you look for a lawyer?
You have a problem and think you want a lawyer to represent you. First, think about if you can resolve the situation to your satisfaction without hiring an attorney.

How quickly should you consult a lawyer?

Sometimes you have lots of time to consider your alternatives. In other situations, you need to act fast. If prosecutors have accused you of a crime, or law enforcement authorities are questioning you about your involvement in a serious criminal matter, consult a lawyer immediately.

What are you trying to achieve?

This is an easy question to answer if you find yourself a defendant in a civil suit or charged with a crime. In these cases, your goal is to keep your money out of your adversary's pocket, or avoid criminal sanctions. In other situations, your objective may be less clear. If you feel your employer unlawfully fired you, you might want to get your job back. Before you hire a lawyer, think about what you want to achieve.

Be realistic about your chances of winning and what your case is worth.

If you aren't sure what your legal rights are, it might be worth your time and expense to retain a lawyer to evaluate your situation and advise you on alternative courses of action. Paying a few hundred dollars for a two-hour consultation with an attorney could be a very wise investment that ultimately can save you time and money.

What type of lawyer do you need?

Many attorneys specialize in one type of law. Other lawyers handle a wide range of matters. You want to hire an attorney with expertise in your type of case or matter.

Knowing a bit about the law will help you become a smarter legal consumer. If you are in need of a lawyer, please contact our law department and we will try to arrange for you a reliable attorney visit in your area.