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Drug Testing News

NASCAR collects signed substance abuse policies

By Jenna Fryer
The Associated Press

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - NASCAR spent Friday collecting signed copies of its substance abuse policy from drivers and team members - a requirement before cars are allowed on the track.

The four-page document gives the sanctioning body permission to randomly drug test anyone involved in the series. NASCAR tested fewer than a dozen competitors in its top three series last season, said Kevin Triplett, managing director of business operations.

The policy has undergone several changes over the past 10 years, but remains the same as the 2002 document, Triplett said.

NASCAR prohibits all illegal drugs at any time under the policy; bans the use of alcohol on the day of an event; and warns of the effect of certain prescription and nonprescription medications.

Random tests are done when NASCAR has a "reasonable cause" to believe a participant might have violated its policy, Triplett said.

A list of signs or symptoms that can lead to a test range from accidents during events, chronic forgetfulness or broken promises and deteriorating personal hygiene or appearance.

The strictest part of the policy is the rule on the consumption of alcohol, with a blood alcohol level set at 0.02 percent to be considered under the influence.

The limit in Florida, where the season-opening Daytona 500 will be run on Feb. 16, is 0.08.

"This is a pretty dangerous sport," Triplett said. "You have people working around machines and heavy equipment, so we have strict rules."

Triplett said in his 10 years of collecting the signed forms, he's never had a driver or crew member refuse to sign the release.