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Drug Testing News

Well New Jersey, your senate has finally gone and done it.

They have decided that no more products designed to defeat a drug test will be allowed for sale in their state (NJ). The specific law was just passed in early August.

This wasn't an overnight decision either.
There is an 11 step process that they went through!
If you care to see how a bill is passed in NJ, click here.

Because Your Opinion Counts!

Replies so far....

I live in New Jersey and watched a Senator who helped write the bill explain it on the news, I thought it was a skit from Saturday Night Live, how he explained it was you could sell it as an antitoxin but you could not advertise or a salesperson could not recommend it to pass your drug test. I can't believe that they would spend time and TAX money, to pass such an IDIOT Law that they can't even enforce, I am sure that there are more important issues in New Jersey to work on. SO ELECTED OFFICIALS WHY DON'T YOU SPEND YOUR TIME ON SOMETHING WORTHWHILE AND STOP SPENDING OUR TAX MONEY TO FURTHER YOUR POLITICAL CAREER. 
P.S. Jersey passed a law that restaurants could sell fried eggs unless the yoke was broken that lasted one month, do you believe the crap WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH!!

Here we go again, We vote these people into office so they can trample all over our FREEDOMS.
Hey lets start drug testing our employees. Aren't our elected officials working for us? For the people by the people, my ass. How did this get passed so quickly?

If these guys were tested they would probably be fired themselves. It is a well known fact that politicians are the biggest alcoholics in the world. It's pitiful the way they work SO hard in trying to convince people that they are working for the public. It's the gullible people that believe this crap. They are simply in it for the money. Hey, the prisons are full of people who got busted for a joint 20 years ago and have 25-30 year sentences. The legal system is the biggest money making racket around. What people don't realize is that for EACH person that is locked up for EACH day, that state is paid on the average of $100.00 PER PERSON, PER DAY. Go figure that out.

Once again the boundless absurdity of our elected officials has moved to the fore front. Where were all the voters while the usurpers of the bill of rights were deciding once again what is best for the average ( to dumb to think for ourselves citizens ) If we continue to allow invasions into our personal lives we will have know one to blame but ourselves when all personal freedoms are a thing of the past. By the way I wonder how many of them were drunk or had been drinking when this legislation was passed, just a thought.

Does my opinion count? Then I just wanted to say that ot os almost time for a revolution in the United States. There are three great phases humanity goes through, over and over: democracy, aristocracy and theocracy. United States are an aristocracy, swiftly moving into a theocracy - just listen to GW Bush preaching who is good and who is evil. I hope that at least people like those who visit this site, whom I expect to be somewhat more open-minded than the average, realize that the true terrorists are the American aristocrats. Greetings and good luck!