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Drug Testing News

County To Pay Officers To Take Drug Tests

Suffolk County corrections officers are being paid a $1,000 bonus if they pass a mandatory drug test. 

News Center 5's Janet Wu said that the extra pay -- for obeying the law -- is being handed out despite a $6.5 billion budget deficit. 

Suffolk County Sheriff Richard Rouse said that paying corrections officers to take drug tests was the only way he could get their cooperation and insure his guards were clean. He said that it was simply the result of contract negotiations with the unions. 

The annual drug test is given anytime during a two-month period around the officer's birthday. 

At the Nashua Street Jail, they get the stipend only if they pass the test. 

"I asked the union to take the drug test voluntarily and they were unwilling. Certainly, you have to have probable cause in order to drug test someone. We thought this was a good compromise," Rouse said. 

Union representatives said that other law enforcement groups have similar arrangements -- although their concessions from management may take the form of college tuition and less obvious pay incentives. 

"You're not paying me to take a drug test. You are paying me to be held to a higher standard. Our drug testing policy is as good as any police department's policy, any law enforcement's policy, and anytime that they negotiated a policy, they received something for it," Local 419 spokesman Robert Zoebisch said. 

"Everyone who is hired goes through a drug test, but if they slip and fall during their career, we want to be sure that we know about it," Rouse said. 

Rouse said that he's tested 700 guards and that so far, 12 flunked -- less than 2 percent of the staff. If they flunk, they're suspended without pay for 45 days and they can be randomly tested for three years. If they flunk twice, they can be fired. So far, no one has lost their job, Wu said.