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That's your right. But the end result might be about the same as if you failed the test. Depending on the state or local jurisdiction, employers might have the right to fire you, and potential employers most likely will refuse to hire you.

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Drug Testing started on September 15, 1986, when President Reagan signed Executive Order 12564 in an attempt to establish a drug-free Federal workplace. The Order made it a condition of employment for all Federal employees to refrain from using illegal drugs, even when off-duty. This set off the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. States, local jurisdictions and private-sector employers all jumped on the bandwagon and now test anyone, anytime with no laws stopping them.
Remember, You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent!!!


Drug Testing News 
18 January 2005

Businesses upgrade to newer, more efficient drug-testing method - No longer using traditional urine test. Instead, they test the saliva of job applicants. See Our Saliva Cleanser!

IOC: 'Mind' sports must drug test, too! - Participants in "mind sports" like chess and bridge will find themselves being tested for the same banned substances as weightlifters and track stars.

Lawmakers never tire of drug-testing bills - Some legislators, however, think random drug tests are an unwarranted intrusion, at least in their own case, and filed suit when the bill covering elected officials was passed.

Unregulated drug cleansers raise debate  - talking about supplements that claim to allow a drug user to pass a drug test...

School drug test measure said unneeded -
A bill authorizing school districts to require drug tests of teachers and other workers who have contact with children is unneeded and possibly unconstitutional.

Drug Test For Drivers Gets Endorsement - will require specific tests for drivers suspected of operating under the influence of marijuana or cocaine

Urine sample required of job seekers - It used to be that the keys to a successful job search were a solid resume and good interview skills. "With all my experience, it came down to peeing in a paper cup," said Paul...

Firms Offer Ways to Foil Drug Tests - Quest Diagnostics says its a marathon, pitting those who would defeat the screening against those who conduct it.

Nevada plan to legalize marijuana would be first in nation. This initiative will allow the police to spend more time going after murderers, rapists and other violent criminals...

Hable Españoles - Hemos procurado crear una sección para nuestros amigos de habla hispana. Las palabras pueden estar de un dígito binario pero somos seguros que usted es bastante elegante interpretarlos correctamente...

Interested In The Herb Salvia Divinorum? So are many others. Click Here for a recent news story.

How long is each drug in your system? Find out here With Our Drug Use Timetable...

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