Customer Testimonials, Sent in by users that passed blood, saliva, hair and urine drug tests with our products.
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Customer Testimonials

After spring break I knew it was time to lay off the smoke, since I would probably have a urine test coming up within a month or so, and sure enough, I was offered a fantastic position doing fun work. Much to my surprise I was not up for a urine, but a hair test. Oh shit. Quick, hit up the web and find out about these hair tests. 90 days? Oh, I'm screwed. So I surfed the web for a while and came across Talking to a live operator took the fear that this was a total scam out of my mind, especially since I didn't know anyone who had ever had to take a hair test. (BTW, hair tests only cost ~$50 these days.. more and more companies are starting to adopt them). Anyway, I received the package and followed the directions and rushed off to the testing site. I then proceeded to grow an ulcer in my stomach over a period of several days waiting for the results.

And, against the companies press releases, against my own misgivings, my friends misgivings, (they set up a betting pool on my odds, it was 4:1
against) the 4oz shampoo worked.

I paid off the cost of the shampoo within the first 2 hours on my first day.

I won that bet thanks to you guys.

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