Customer Testimonials, Sent in by users that passed blood, saliva, hair and urine drug tests with our products.
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Customer Testimonials

I am writing to say I really cant believe it is true! But it is! I have been a daily smoker for about 20 years! I was laid off from my Human Resources Manager job in January. Yes, even HR folks need to take a toke and relax each day. I was so devastated that I vowed not to ever go back to Corporate America again. However, a dear friend offered me the position of a lifetime. I had to interview that very day. I got the offer within less than an hour. It was meant to be. I knew what was coming and began searching the web for a product that would help me pass the drug test. I ordered the Extreme cleanser. It was Federal Expressed for next day delivery just like they promised. I followed the directions exactly and took the drug test the next day. So from the time I got the offer to the time I took the drug test was almost exactly 48 hours. I still just didnt see how it was going to work. I e-mailed the contacts on the website twice asking for reassurance. She promptly replied to my e-mails within a couple of hours. Once again giving me reassurance. She said no one had ever failed a test taking the Extreme. I still found it hard to believe and still do! I passed with flying colors. Today was my first day on the job. This product is no joke. It is a sure thing and I m living proof. I will recommend this product to anyone who may be interested. I believe drug tests are an infringement on my privacy. I will never stay at a job again because I am too reluctant to quit smoking for 30-60 days in order to pass a drug test. I m stocking up and I m always going to have two on hand. You never know when you might have a friend in need! Thank you again so very much!

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