Customer Testimonials, Sent in by users that passed blood, saliva, hair and urine drug tests with our products.
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Customer Testimonials

My thanks to ya'll! I was freaking like having a squirrel in the bed when I was told I would have to pass a hair test for a new job. For the last 16 years I have smoke the noble herb nearly daily but I stopped after being downsized last Fall. I had been sans bud for a little over two months when the perfect job came up with excellent earning potential. I knew my urine was clean but those hairs can tell a longer story. I ordered your shampoo and shampoo enhancer and used the according to your instructions. They ended up using chest hair, but that too had been scrubbed. I was hired and flew across the country for two weeks of training at my new job before the test results were in, so I was freaking out the entire time. When I made it back I knew I was in the clear. Your product worked and I will recommend you guys to anyone that needs this kind of help! Your online technical support staff was wonderful and they made me feel much more at ease. Though seeing is believing as they say and until the results came back, I was still a bit worried. Well thanks again.

Best Regards,
One Grateful One

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