Customer Testimonials, Sent in by users that passed blood, saliva, hair and urine drug tests with our products.
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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much , when i found out i had to take a hair test, i was devastated, especially when i dont use very often.... i was told that there was no way to beat it. The job is a 85k a year i was freaking out... i went online and was bombarded by websites that promised everything and anything to buy their product... but when i came across yours it caught my eye....."dont know why" luck i had nothing to loose, so i orderd the 4.oz hair follicle shampoo, went by the directions you sent ( wow) cider viniger burns the eyes lol.... anyway i did it and took the test , while i was waiting i was so nervous i needed this job badly i had a mortgage and alot of bills to pay ..i chatted online with your operator and was told to calm down , and dont worry ,,' you will pass'... i actually didnt believe it,.. when i recieved the phone call from the company asking me when i wanted to start i was sooooo amazed ... it actually worked .. i cant thank you enough ... so anyone out there that needs some help ,,,, remember no worries ok............ your products rock!!!!!! peace out in california...P.S i suggest small goggles

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