Customer Testimonials, Sent in by users that passed blood, saliva, hair and urine drug tests with our products.
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Customer Testimonials

To any doubters out there, the hair products really work! I found out about 6 weeks ago that I would have to pass a hair and urine test in order to be hired for my dream job. The problem was that I had smoked pot 4 times/week for over 4 years and had done coke and ecstasy within the past week. I did a ton of research about hair testing in general and was most impressed with's products, website, and customer service. Using the live chat, I contacted a representative who informed me that if I used the moderate program + all toxin shampoo I would without a doubt pass my tests. I took the advice to heart and had the products shipped to me asap. The shipping was extremely professional, with a confirmation email with tracking # sent to my inbox the next morning. The products arrived on time and I began the detox process. After completing the urine and blood cleansing, I tested myself with the at-home kits and the results were, as I'd hoped, all negative. Taking the advice of the site, I waited until the day of my hair test to complete the follicle cleanse to be absolutely sure it would work. That morning I spent a little under two hours using the apple cider vinegar, enhancer, shampoo, and hair splash and immediately went to my test. A week later I was informed that I had passed all drug tests and was offered the job. Anyone who has lost sleep over any type of test like I had should buy this product with confidence.

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