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Drug Testing News

Workers subject to drug tests


Employees of Ottawa Hills will be subject to random testing for drugs and alcohol while on the job, according to an ordinance passed recently at a special meeting of the village council.

The policy is essentially the Drug Free Workplace Program developed by the state.

Village manager Marc Thompson said the reason for the ordinance is to provide a safe working place for all employees. With random testing, the village will save about $20,000 annually in what it pays to the state for unemployment compensation. He said no incident led to the action, just an increased emphasis on safety.

As part of the program, the village will contract with an outside agency to provide help to employees and their family members who might think they have a substance-abuse problem. The village will work with those who seek help on their own, "but it will be more of a discipline situation if they test positive for alcohol or other drugs."

The village may order testing if an employee is suspected of being under the influence of a substance while at work.

A positive test will result in a minimum of a three-day suspension without pay and may result in termination.